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Tina Bassett

I grew up in the trucking business, as my Father and Grandfather, owned and operated a propane/anhydrous ammonia sales and Transportation business in Indiana. I worked 10 years at Kruse auction company as a problem solver, and customer relations. I was involved in consigning cars to the auctions and I worked with customers to arrange transportation of their prized automobiles to their preferred destinations. From Kruse, I became an Independent Freight Finder contracting my services to Passport/FedEx working classic car auctions providing Transportation services.

After 6 months, I moved on, at the request and encouragement of the most highly experienced and well respected car haulers in the enclosed business. I provided my services to Blue Highways. As our group of drivers and myself came to realize, no company that we have ever been affiliated with, had the knowledge or the passion and dedication to the transportation of classic automobiles as we possessed. Enter,"TINAS"... The Independent Network of Automobile Shippers, "TINAS". January 2009!!!!! We were ready to roll!!!! Twelve Independent Owner Operators formed a Network with myself, TINA, as the hub, to be the best automobile transportation specialists in the classic car industry. We haul it all... from Fords to Ferrari's, Delahaye's to Dueseneberg's, plus firetrucks and Monster trucks, nationwide to worldwide. If you are as passionate about your automobile as we will be, TINAS should be hauling your pride and joy. Our Pride Shows!!!!!! 



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